Dear Users!
Now to upload files to you do not have to enter your account! Just place new Flash-uploader on your site or blog and all uploaded files will get to your Account!

How does it work?
Set up a code of Flash-uploader, upload a file and get the download link immediately!
Shared uploader allows you to share files with your friends quickly and easily!

Shared uploader
Shared uploader allows uploading files directly to your account on and deleting an uploaded file: the delete link is giving together with the download link!
Just choose a design you like, copy the corresponding code and paste it to your site code or to a message on your blog.
All files uploaded with the help of Shared uploader will get to a special folder named "Filebox" in your account.
The link "register account" in the uploaders is referral! And all users registered by this link will be your referrals in the service.
Attention! The owner of an account is responsible for all files uploaded to his/her account by the Shared uploader.

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